Blu Sky Lounge and Grill Teams up with Abu Dhabi Strollers

Abu Dhabi Strollers have teamed up with the Blu Sky Lounge and Grill as its new major sponsor.

The deal sees the Blu Sky Lounge and Grill become the home Abu Dhabi Strollers get-togethers, with the branding to be present across the club’s shirts.

Located in the Southern Sun Hotel in Abu Dhabi and designed to give you the best sporting experience possible, the Blu Sky Lounge & Grill allows the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of sport in sports club-inspired experience.

From state-of-the-art sound systems and HD viewing screens to a fresh new line-up of international and local dishes and a range of premium beverages, Blu Sky makes your sports viewing both remarkable and memorable.

Visit the Blu Sky Lounge and Grill website: