About US

Abu Dhabi Strollers Football Club (ADSFC) is an amateur football club offering competitive, organised football and ran as a not-for-profit football club.

Established in 1980, the Abu Dhabi Strollers have catered to the footballing needs of hundreds of players in the past to the present day.

ADFSC is one of – if not the only amateur football club in Abu Dhabi – that plays all year round, with players attempting to chase a football around 52 weeks a year – even throughout the torrid hot and humid summer months.

Our home, Zayed Sports City, provides a perfect location for everyone to get to with fantastic facilities to cater to our ever-growing numbers. We have players both past and present who play to fantastic levels of football. Our standard is ever increasing and with a constant regular turnout of over 70 players a week it makes us one of – if not the most popular – football clubs in Abu Dhabi.

ADSFC is very much a multi-national club with players from all corners of the globe.

Whilst the majority of the players are from the UK and Europe, we also have players from as far as Australia, Argentina and the US. It is not uncommon for new players to turn up to their first game with us and recognize someone they played either with or against thousands of miles away by nothing but co-incidence and their need to play football.

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Competitions and Tournaments

ADSFC are actively involved in competitive tournaments not only here in Abu Dhabi where our teams compete in the Abu Dhabi Amateur 11aside League and the Abu Dhabi 7s, but also in an annual Dubai Tournament, and a once a year overseas trip to Asia to compete with other teams who travel from far and wide to compete.


It is not just on the football pitch where ADSFC stops.

Our social scene is big and as the amount of players increases, so does the socializing. We host events ranging from golf tournaments and go-karting to social get-togethers down the local, allowing new arrivals to Abu Dhabi the ability to to get to meet new people and get settled in.